Watercolor Jumpstart

About Course

Watercolor Jumpstart is my free self-guided beginner watercolor course. Learn fundamental watercolor skills as you do six fun and easy projects.

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What Will You Learn?

  • learn what supplies you need to get started in watercolor (and how you can save money and learn faster by waiting to add other items later!)
  • basic watercolor terminology, to help you understand other books and videos you are using to learn about watercolor
  • fundamental watercolor skills such as laying washes, blending mixing colors, lift and reserving lights and create soft edges
  • tips on how to work with watercolor and exploit the things it naturally does well

Course Content

Getting Started
These short preliminary lessons will help you get your materials set up and ready to paint.

  • How to Tear Large Sheets of Watercolor Paper
  • How to Properly Rinse (and Care For) Your Brush
  • How to Make a Painting Support Board
  • How to Remove Masking Tape Without Tearing Your Paper
  • How to Set Up Your Workspace

Project 1—Spring Chickadee
In this project, you’ll learn to mix watercolor paint to the correct consistency, and how to mix two colors together. You’ll explore the various marks your brushes can make. And then you’ll learn how to use those marks to build an image, instead of using a “coloring book approach” of filling in a drawing.

Project 2—Marbles in the Sun
Learn to create soft edges in watercolor and use shadows and highlights to create the illusion of three dimensions, plus get a start on painting glass—a favorite watercolor subject!

Project 3—Rainbow Rose Window
Okay, so it’s a color wheel. But it’s still fun—and pretty!

Project 4—Dawn and Dusk at the Lake
Put together a simple all-over wash, a suggestion of some trees and the silhouette of a foreground subject to make 2 simple “silhouette” paintings.

Project 5—Daisies in a Jar
In this project, you’ll different ways to reserve whites, and use them to paint some white daisies in a mason jar.

Project 6—Fisherman’s Wharf (Line and Wash)
In this project, we’ll learn several variations of line-and-wash sketching in watercolor. Line-and-wash is a great technique for journaling and travel sketching.