Watercolor Skies and Clouds 1

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Learn to paint skies with soft wet-into-wet effects by a slow development of multiple layers.

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CAUTION! The methods used in this course are for larger paintings on stretched professional-quality (100% cotton) watercolor paper. 

The process used in this course is NOT suitable for

  • unstretched paper
  • blocks
  • plein air painting
  • student-grade paper (paper that is not 100% cotton)
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What Will You Learn?

  • use multiple washes to deal with one difficulty at a time, without overworking
  • keep your skies looking fresh and luminous, while giving you more control over over placement, colors and values
  • paint complex soft skies and clouds with more control—and calm—than the traditional way of doing the sky in one session

Course Content

How to Use This Course
Project videos do not contain a full explanation of all techniques used in the Project video (it would be many hour long!). Each project has essential preliminary lessons, plus some optional material. This section explains how the course is structured.

WCSC1 Project 1—Crescent Moon in a PreDawn Sky
In this project, you’ll learn fundamental skills for working wet-into-wet in multiple layers, to create complex sky washes one step at a time.

WCSC Project 2—Dramatic Clouds at the Beach
In this project, you’ll learn the many different techniques for painting clouds of all sorts, plus a bit about how to use clouds to enhance the design of your painting.