Project 5 — Daisies in a Jar

What Will I Learn?

Since watercolor is a transparent medium, we need strategies for reserving the white of the paper to be the white areas in our paintings. In this project, you’ll learn different ways to reserve whites:

  • intentional blooms
  • lifting wet or dry paint
  • negative painting (or painting around the whites)
  • using resists (applying something water-resistant to the paper)

Then you’ll use these techniques to reserve different kinds of white and light areas as you paint some white daisies in a mason jar.


  • all lessons in the Getting Started module
  • How to Transfer a Drawing lesson from Project 1 (Spring Chickadee)
  • How to Make and Apply Vibrant, Juicy Color from Project 1 (Spring Chickadee)
  • Mechanics of Mixing lesson from Project 1 (Spring Chickadee)
  • Blending Color within a Shape lesson from Project 3 (Rainbow Rose Window)
  • Laying Flat and Graduated Washes lesson from Project 4 (Dawn & Dusk at the Lake)
  • 5 Techniques for Suggesting Trees lesson from Project 4 (Dawn & Dusk at the Lake)

Supplies You Will Need:

  • supplies listed in the Required Materials list for Watercolor Jumpstart set up and ready to paint
  • pencil and kneaded eraser
  • woodless pencil or graphite stick (optional, but handy) or a regular pencil
  • three 1/16th (one-sixteenth, 5 1/2 x 7 1/2″) sheets and one 1/8th (one-eighth, 7 1/2 x 11″) sheet of watercolor paper for the project lessons
  • one 8 x 11″ sheet of watercolor paper for the project. This is slightly wider than a 1/8th sheet. The easiest way to tear a sheet this size is to start from a quarter sheet (11×15″), but fold it so that you have just a bit more than half on one side. (see diagram below)
  • several scrap pieces of watercolor paper for testing and practicing colors and brushstrokes
  • masking fluid (liquid frisket), bar of soap, masking fluid pickup, inexpensive brush for applying masking fluid
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