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Please check your email address for typos before clicking “Submit”. I can’t respond if I don’t have your correct email address. 

If you are contacting me about something other than a website problem, you can skip down to the contact form. Otherwise, please save us both some time by reading this part before you send a request for help.

If you have a website problem to report . . .

  • For paid courses—I appreciate an opportunity to try to correct any problems, but you can always request a refund at any point (including right now).
  • For free courses—For a free course, I don’t have the option of offering a refund. Instead, I have provided an alternate way for people to access this material if we can’t resolve a website problem quickly.

Please try this first . . .

  • If you trying to log in and you keep getting taken back to a blank login screen—please try reloading the page. Often you ARE actually logged in, and reloading the page fixes the problem.
  • Try clearing your cache and cookies—many “website” problems are really communication problems; clearing your browser’s cache and cookies will often fix these problems

If clearing your cache and cookies doesn’t help, please let me know:

  • what you were trying to do when the problem occurred (as well as you can recall)
  • what the error message said, or what went wrong (again, as well as you can recall)
  • what page you were on when the problem occurred (copying and pasting the URL is very helpful!)

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